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Brand messaging vs Blossom: Why your marketing messaging should be more than just a spring fling

Every April (or March, if the winter months have been particularly balmy), trees nationwide join together in one of nature’s most snap-worthy spectacles: cherry blossom.

For a few weeks every year, we are treated to explosions of blossom candy floss, transforming even the most drab suburban street into a vibrant vista of hope for the season ahead.

But then the inevitable happens. Strong winds, icy spells and torrential rain visit, and even the most resilient of the pink petals are pulled from their homes. It’s inevitable; these beacons of beauty are destined to join the rest of their kind in a sad, soggy mess, clogging up gutters and washing down drains, forgotten for another year.

But what’s the link with brand messaging, you cry! You’re here for actionable insights, not fluffy prose. Fear not, all will be revealed...

Your brand messaging needs staying power

Unlike the fleeting, blink-and-you-miss-it spring blossom, your brand messaging needs to have staying power. If you only tell people who you are and what you do once or twice, or if it’s constantly changing, your messaging will float away in the wind and out of the minds of your target customers for good.

Did you know that on average we need to hear a message at least 7 times before it sticks? Anyone with a partner or kids who insist on leaving their socks on the bedroom floor or wet towel on the bed will attest to this. You can’t just say it once and expect the message to get through. Consistency is key in building a memorable brand.

So when you’re thinking about your brand messaging, try visualising a fir tree. It’s evergreen, stays the same all year round and is able to withstand even the harshest of conditions (think of the weather a little bit like all of the other information swirling around in your customer’s brain!)

7 Brand Messaging elements every business needs

  1. Mission Statement

  2. Vision Statement

  3. Strapline

  4. Value Proposition Statements

  5. Core Message Pillars

  6. Values

  7. Brand Origin Story

Remember: Consistency=Connection

The more consistent you can be with your brand messaging, the more likely you are to forge stronger connections with your target audience over time. If your message remains consistent, you'll gain a little more brand equity each time they interact with your brand via one of your marketing touchpoints.

Need help with your brand messaging framework?

Don’t let your marketing efforts go down the drain like cherry blossom in May. I help businesses of all sizes get their evergreen brand messaging nailed. Using a tried and true brand messaging framework, I'll provide you with a Brand Messaging Guide that you and your employees can use to ensure your messaging stays consistent across all channels and touchpoints.

This guide will act as the foundation for every piece of marketing collateral you create, and not only will it help you to maintain consistency, but it will also make it WAY easier to create content that is in line with your brand identity.

Eager to get your brand messaging nailed?

Drop me a message in the contact form below and claim your complimentary Discovery Call. I can't wait to meet you!

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