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About Me

Copywriter | Content Writer | Blog Writer |

Brand Storyteller | Former Head of Marketing 

Firstly, hello and welcome to my cosy little corner of the internet! If you've made it this far, then I might be so bold as to hope you're considering working with me. Thank you for taking the time to look around, I appreciate you being here!

But before I get carried away, let’s take it back a notch. You might be wondering who I am, what my qualifications are, and what caused me to embark on this crazy copywriting adventure in the first place.

Pull up a pew, and grab a cup of [insert beverage of choice], whilst I take you on a whistle-stop tour of my writing journey to date, and paint a picture of the person behind the keyboard. 

A writer's journey; the abridged version... ✒️

Family legend has it that I wrote my first story when I was just 3 years old. Of course, I have no recollection whatsoever of this event, and we all know how families like to exaggerate and embellish stories over time, but one thing that is certain is that I have been writing for as long as I can remember.

Throughout my school years, I would pen stories and poems in my spare time, scribbling away in notebooks or on what my dad would call ‘scrap paper’ - blank sides of letters or printed documents gone wrong. As university approached, I was steadfast in my conviction that English was the only degree choice for me. Fast forward three years, and I was collecting my BA Hons for English Literature and Language from the University of Southampton, wobbling over the stage in my precarious high heels on the hottest day of the year, in a sweltering auditorium sans-AC. Luckily, the pride and sense of achievement I felt on that day just about managed to eclipse the strong conviction that I was going to dissolve into a sweaty mess on the floor, leaving behind just a graduation gown and hat like an academic Wicked Witch of the West. 

Fresh from uni and fueled by an unerring sense of possibility, I set about learning and absorbing all I could in the field of marketing. Working for international camera behemoth, Nikon, for almost four years taught me a great deal about the importance of brand voice, customer loyalty and most importantly, storytelling within marketing. After a short stint of travelling (armed with nothing but a backpack, notebook and pen), I was back in the marketing saddle, as Head of Content and Digital Marketing for Swedish brand Clas Ohlson. Since then, I have worked for several high profile Beauty brands, including Margaret Dabbs London and FOREO, where I led the global Brand Marketing team.

Unfortunately, life has a way of giving us a reality check when everything seems to be going a little bit too well. At the beginning of 2023, I received the disheartening blow of being made redundant as part of global cutbacks. Not the best start to the year, but being the eternal optimist that I am (almost always, anyway 😅) I decided to make lemonade from the proverbial lemons and finally go freelance. I'd wanted to go it alone as a copywriter for quite some time and so I saw this as the universe's way of giving me a much-needed nudge in the right direction. Let's just say, I haven't looked back since.

And so here I am, more fired up than ever and ready to use my decade of marketing experience and lifelong passion for language to write copy for your brand that goes beyond the ordinary, tells your story and connects with your customer on a deeper, more meaningful level.

My Values

I like to think of my values as a guiding compass; a non-negotiable set of principles by which I hold myself to account, on a professional and personal level. If these resonate with you, then chances are we'll work brilliantly together.



Honesty and integrity are paramount to a solid working relationship. When working on your copy, I treat your brand as if it were my own. That means delivering on my promises, managing expectations and being completely transparent throughout the process.



My raison d'être as a copywriter is to bring out your brand's authentic voice. I'm a strong believer that we should practice what we preach, and that's why you will only ever get one version of me. No charades or facades,  just me as I am with friends, family, colleagues and clients alike.



This one's a bit of a no-brainer, but kindness is the currency I like to use across every facet of life. I want my clients to feel at home when they're working with me, and to look forward to our interactions. A friendly face and understanding ear is always guaranteed.

Brands I've Written For...

Kind words from colleagues
"I had the privilege of Briony being my manager and team leader as part of a Global Brand Team at FOREO. During this time, I learned much from her through strategising, planning and implementing a global marketing campaign.

Her skills for creating an integrated vision for the brand were immensely inspiring and a fantastic learning opportunity for the team and myself. Her passion and care for her team contributed to a vibrant, engaged and exciting dynamic for a team that was spread out across continents."

Imogen, Marketing Specialist @ FOREO

Ready to inject some soul into your brand?

Drop your details in the contact form below and let's chat copy over a coffee ☕

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