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I'm Briony

A happy, Horsham-based copywriter helping human brands connect with their human customers 🧬✨

Copy is a brand's most
powerful tool

But is yours strong enough to stand out from the crowd?

There are plenty of competitors who claim to offer what you do. So why should a customer choose your brand over theirs?

The simple answer is this: because your business is unique. You provide something special, something personalised, something memorable that makes your service a cut above the rest.

But how will your customers know that, unless you have the brand voice to match?

If you're ready to cut through the noise and connect with your customers, human to human, then let's talk.

Because your business is unique, so your brand shouldn't be a copy.

Copywriting Packages

'Write and run' or long term relationship, simply pick the level of commitment

you're looking for and let the good words flow.

One and Done

My Copy Done in One service helps fill the blank page you've been staring at with meaningful words that work. In the infamous words of Craig David, send me the brief on Tuesday, I'll be making copy by Wednesday. Or something like that...

Made to Measure

For heftier projects, my bespoke copywriting package will do the heavy lifting for you. Need help with writing your website copy or populating a set of automated emails in a customer journey? Sit back and relax whilst I perfect your prose, pronto.

Copy on Hand

Looking for something a little more long term? My copywriting retainer service gives you the support of a pro copywriter for a set number of days per month. So whatever your copy requirements, you can rest assured that they'll be taken care of, and on deadline.

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About Me

I'm Briony, Bri to many and B to a few!

I'm a freelance copywriter based in Horsham, West Sussex (a short train ride from London, for those who haven't visited!) I'm also a lover of language with a lifelong obsession for writing and a genuine passion for bringing brands to life.


With 10+ years of marketing experience under my belt, and a successful track record of creating leading marketing campaigns for international brands, I thrive on delivering unique copy that really works. After a decade of working in-house for big brands, I decided to put my expertise and experience to good use and start up my own copywriting business with Unique Copy, allowing me the time and freedom to help more brands nail their marketing messaging.

My mission was and is simple; to provide ambitious brands like yours with a powerful voice that guarantees you'll stand out from the flock.

Take the slog out of your blog

Blogs are important for your business. You’ve probably heard it countless times before, and yet writing blog posts is a task that you just don't have the time, energy or resources to complete.

Luckily for you, I'm a dab hand at writing SEO-optimised blog articles. I take great pleasure in helping busy clients who dread the judgemental blink of the cursor fill their blog with valuable content that drives relevant traffic to their site.

Step one.png


To get things started,  I'll send you a simple brief sheet to fill in. This lets me know exactly what the blog is about, who your target customer is and any calls to action you'd like to include.

Step two.png


You sit back and relax (well, at least on this particular project!) whilst I whip your blog into shape, ensuring your unique, human brand tone of voice is consistent throughout. 

Step three.png


We'll do a round of feedback to ensure your blog post is pitch perfect, and then I'll send it over to you with all the relevant formatting, ready to upload to your website. How easy was that?

What my clients say

"Briony is awesome as are her copywriting skills! Upon searching for a freelance copywriter for a new app launching, I spoke with 3 people and after given them each a task to complete, Briony's stood out by a mile. She considered the brief and used the right language and tone required to ensure she wasn't just writing well but it aligned to the brand and product. I highly recommend Briony for any copywriting tasks whether it be for an app journey, email, social media posts and more!"

Lindsay @ Digital, Product & Tech Consultant

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