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Copy Done in One 

For really great copy, A.S.A.P

Copy Done in One was designed specifically for small businesses with lots of ideas but not enough time. Perhaps you've got your website up and running, but something's amiss; you're not seeing those visits turn into conversions. Or maybe you're embarking on a totally new business venture all together, and you're not sure where to even start with your website copy. If you're starting to get that panicky feeling creeping in, stop right there.


We've got this. 

With a Unique Copy Done In One dayyou'll have my undivided attention for the whole (you guessed it!) day, as I review your existing copy (or maybe a blank page - no judgement here!) and wave my word-making wand to equip you with copy that earns its keep - and then some.

Copy Done in One; what's included?

  • A whole day of my undivided focus and copywriting expertise, used to write or rework your copy and deliver words with maximum impact.

  • A 30 minute discovery call beforehand, to get to the crux of the problem and define exactly what you want to achieve with your copy.

  • A super detailed briefing document with plenty of prompts to help identify and uncover your brand's unique fingerprint and inform the tone and style of your copy.

  • The opportunity to take a step back and gain a different perspective on your brand, from a marketing expert with more than 10 years experience working for international brands. 


One-off investment: £425
(Special Discount available for solopreneurs/sole business owners. If this is you,  please get in touch for more information)

So, what's the timeline?

Review of Brief

I'll start by reading through your briefing sheet, getting to know your business, products or services, and competitors.  This helps me to familiarise myself with your brand and informs the tone, style and form of the copy, so that it talks directly to your target customer in a way that is natural and intuitive for them.​

The Copywriting Magic Begins

Now fully immersed in your brand world, I get to work crafting your unique copy. I switch my Spotify playlist to 'instrumental only' and enter deep focus mode, writing your copy with a keen eye for brand voice and user friendliness.

At the end of the day, I put my computer to sleep and your copy rests, along with my brain, awaiting its final polish in the morning. 

The Final Touches

Well-rested and eager to send your copy off to its permanent home, I give your words the once over (and then a twice and thrice over!) making sure I'm fully happy with the results. Once that's done, the copy wings its way to you and lands in your inbox, awaiting its real world debut.

Copy Done In One is perfect for you if...

1 / You're launching a new business and you're not sure where to start with your copy

2/ Your website copy has been neglected and is in need of an update to bring it back to life

3/ You have poorly performing sales pages or product pages that are struggling to convert

4/  You have a huge list of small copy jobs that need attention, and you just don't have the time

5/ You need help with your marketing emails and want to increase your open & click through rates.

6/ You have any other burning copy needs - surprise me!

Ready to inject some soul into your brand?

Drop your details in the contact form below and let's chat copy over a coffee ☕

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