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5 Benefits of having a blog on your company website

Blogging is important for your business

You’ve probably heard it countless times before, but maybe you’re wondering exactly what value those pesky-to-write posts bring to your business.

Whether you're a small, medium or large business, solopreneur or service provider, having a blog on your website can have a huge impact. Keeping an up-to-date blog lets visitors to your website know you’re active, provides value to prospective customers, allows you to show authority in your area of expertise, and drives more traffic to your site through carefully selected keywords and search terms. And yet, writing blog posts is a task that a lot of businesses don’t have the time or resources to complete.

Luckily for you, I love writing blog articles (like, genuinely). I take great pleasure in helping clients who dread the judgemental blink of the cursor fill their blog with posts that engage, educate and inspire. As with all my unique copywriting packages, I write your content in your individual brand tone of voice, human to human, so that your customer feels seen and understood.

Reasons you should regularly update your blog

#1 It helps attract relevant visitors to your site

Having a range of in-depth, educational content on your website will help your target customers find you. When they enter a relevant Google search request and land on your website, your blog content will answer their questions and in return your brand awareness will go up, making them more likely to return as a paying customer.

#2 Blogs can help boost your site's SEO

Adding blog posts to your website increases the number of pages it has, which tells Google it’s an active site. It also means you’ll have more instances of relevant search term on your site, which is great for SEO. Your articles can also include internal links and be linked to as resources by external sites (a practice known as backlinking).

#3 Informative blogs can help your site show for Micro-Moments

Micro moments are the short snippets shown when someone searches for a question on their smartphone, designed to answer their question on the spot. By answering questions that are relevant to your business you help the micro moments browser and let Google know you are providing valuable resources.

#4 It can help build authority and credibility in your area of expertise

Writing blogs about where your business stands on issues that affect your customers’ lives demonstrates that you’re knowledgeable and really know your stuff in your particular area of expertise. Without it, your website may come across as transactional and basic, with no real substantial content to show off your credentials.

#5 It shows that your business is alive and kicking

Adding regular blog articles to your website shows that your business is active and thriving. If you’ve neglected your blog and the last post was something pandemic related posted in 2021, prospective customers may be wary that your business is not still active. Posting frequently shows that the business is well-resourced and ready to deliver.

It's time to take the slog out of your blog

Get all of the great benefits of well-written, thoroughly researched blog articles without the hassle with my Blog-as-you-go service. Simply pay for each blog post as and when you need it - with zero obligation to book in more (although, after seeing how seamless the process is, I’m confident you’ll want to!)

To get your blog done in record time, send me an email with 'I need help with my blog' as the subject line, and let's get those words flowing!

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