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Why Unique Copy?

Unique Copy; it might seem like an oxymoron, but rest assured this seemingly paradoxical brand name was no careless mistake. As a seasoned writer and experienced brand specialist, I thrive on creating difference; identifying that quirk or nuance that makes your brand individual, and infusing it seamlessly into your brand voice.


Your brand deserves a voice that does more than just talk. Through considered, crafted copywriting, I will help develop a unique brand voice that reaches out and connects with your customer by speaking to them in their language, on a human level.

Are your ready to get started?

unique [ yoo-neek ]



1. existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics.

copy [ kop-ee ]


1. an imitation, reproduction, or transcript of an original.

2. written content conveyed through online media and print materials.

Copy that connects with your customer

Unique Copy was born out of the desire to keep individuality and authenticity alive in an era marked by automation and disconnect. With faceless AI copy generators running amok, the waters of copywriting have become muddied. Soulless reams of text spewed out in seconds by militant computer algorithms are becoming ever more ubiquitous, and as a result brands are suffering. Because Google can tell when copy comes from a bot, and so can your customers. Whilst AI copy might seem like a shortcut, in reality the cost in the long term is far greater than any time saved in the outset. 

Originality is the fuel to my fire, and I have a sneaking suspicion that if you find yourself reading this it might be the same for you. My copywriting services are completely tailored to your brand's specific needs. I research, do a whole lot of thinking, and write copy that is clear, engaging and, most importantly, human.


After all, your brand voice is important; it's what forms your identity and allows your customers to connect with you on an emotional level. If someone close to you suddenly started talking in a completely different voice, you'd have serious cause for concern - and rightly so! Well, believe it or not, your brand is no different. Consistency in tone, lexicon and cadence is the key to building a recognisable brand that your customers know and trust.

Say no to robotic, soulless copy

Your brand,
your vision,
your voice

When working on your brand copy, I put myself in your (metaphorical!) company shoes and embody the identity of your brand, an approach which allows me to write exciting and personalised copy in a trademark style that is completely unique to your brand.

First and foremost, my mission is to provide ambitious brands like yours with the creative, head-turning copy it deserves.


Because your brand has soul, and so should your copy.  

Ready to inject some soul into your brand?

Drop your details in the contact form below and let's chat copy over a coffee ☕

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